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Fuel cost savings

Can using LPG help to save me money?

For many drivers there are financial advantages to be gained by switching from petrol to LPG.

At present, LPG fuel costs are, litre for litre, over 50% cheaper than unleaded petrol and diesel. While the fuel efficiency of LPG is between 18 and 20% lower than for liquid fuels, the financial savings are substantial, with the LPG variant travelling around 50% further than its petrol equivalent for the same fuel costs. The savings for individual drivers can be considerable. For large company fleets savings can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In addition, LPG offers financial benefits in terms of:

Preferential tax rates (for cleaner gaseous fuels).

Reduced vehicle excise duty (for low carbon dioxide emissions).

Overall lower running costs due to the cleanliness of LPG.