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Insurance News

Green insurance savings, as well as fuel cost savings, for LPG Autogas motorists.

New insurers – LPGSure – have identified that LPG motorists are not only better for the environment but also a better insurance risk. Accordingly they are able to offer discounts on standard premiums of up to 20%.

LPGSure can be contacted through www.boostlpg.com – the independent consumer guide for LPG autogas in the UK.

Motorists can also save over 40% on fuel costs compared with petrol, and over 20% compared with the equivalent diesel by running on LPG autogas.

The continued government support for this environmentally friendly fuel provides a guarantee of the low level fuel duty for at least the next three years. This means that the price of LPG at the pumps will continue at less than half the price of petrol and diesel for the foreseeable future.

Rob Shuttleworth, Director General of the LP Gas Association, said " Now has never been a better time to join the over 10 million motorists worldwide who benefit from running on LPG. There are now around 1300 public access refuelling sites in the UK which means that it is easy to fill up wherever you are in the country."